Unlock (Some) Social Media Myths – Don’t Worry, We’re Here to Help

March 25, 2010

By Vivian Friess, Marketing Manager of NASFT

On a sunny Friday afternoon, as I was browsing through the many exciting conversations on Twitter about the upcoming Summer Fancy Food Show, I got a phone call from a lovely woman named Kerry Fairlie at Pineland Farms (@PineLandFarms).

A member of NASFT, Pineland Farms is a 3,000 acre working farm located in the rolling hills of New Gloucester and consists of a business campus and an education and entertainment venue. Kerry, who newly joined the Farm, is the front person behind the organization’s social media efforts and is charged with building an online community on Twitter and Facebook. She called with some familiar questions that I usually get from our members:

  1. “Vivian, what do I do to get more followers on Twitter?”
  2. “What is a hashtag and how do I use it?”
  3. “We’re looking to create a Facebook fan page, what do you suggest that we do?”

We had a long conversation and a special #FollowFriday practice. But at the end, I wasn’t satisfied; I truly wished that I was capable of telling her all that I know. It bothered me that I didn’t have a list of resources on social media that I can readily share with her and others.

So I started thinking about developing a social media information kit with resources, tools and ideas that I have found effective, applicable and relevant to our members. Here is the first edition, and I promise to continue growing the kit and keeping you informed.

P.S. Kerry, thank you for inspiring me to start the kit. Hope you found the resources below useful.


Mashable – More than Just Daily Updates on What’s Happening in the Socialsphere Many of us rely on Mashable for its timely updates on what’s happening in the social media world. From the latest iPhone application to new ways of tracking Twitter mentions, Mashable keeps you in the loop of what’s new and what’s hot. But there’s much more than that. How-tos, tips and tools are also featured on the site. For example, for those of you who are thinking about starting a Facebook fan page, we found the following articles on Mashable very useful. Take a look!

Check out the Social Media section of the Mashable site, you’ll be surprised of how much information you can get from a single source. But too much information with too little guidance could be a potential problem too and we certainly don’t want to overwhelm you. So check back on every Thursday, we’ll feature what we think are most important.

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet – How, When and What to Tweet?

Once upon a time, or about four years ago, a little blue bird was born. Over the years this fascinating little bird evolved into one of the biggest and most popular social sites. Its name is Twitter, its citizens are called “tweeples” and the conversations (billions of them a day) among tweeples are marked as tweets. Nowadays, you just can’t pass it by. And with more and more businesses incorporating Twitter into traditional marketing and promotion, you wonder just exactly how, when and what to tweet that will help achieve your business objectives. Well, here are some best practices to share with you: •

This is it for now. Check back next Thursday and get excited to meet some social savvy NASFT members, plus a new research report on how exhibit executives are utilizing social media. And don’t forget to connect with us on Twitter and Facebook!

You can also purchase our webinar here. Members, the cost is $59 with discount code, which you can get by emailing Laura Lozada at llozada@nasft.org; all Non-Members, the fee for an NASFT webinar is $85.


Winter Fancy Food Video Coverage!

February 10, 2010

We have finally wrapped up the final visual pieces of the 2010 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. The lists below consist of the links including live interview footage with Nicole Ravlin from the Social Media Booth, and featured floor segments, as well as links to other coverage!

Livestream Interviews

  1. 1300 on Fillmore, David Lawrence
  2. Amrani Chocolates, Antoine Amrani and Martha Seidner
  3. Bambu, Jeff Delkin
  4. Bedford Industries, Gene Story
  5. Bella Chi Cha, Chi-Cha Russo-Boyes
  6. Bella Cucina, Alisa Barry
  7. Best of the West, Peter Wyckoff
  8. Black Market Bakery, Rachel Klemek
  9. Braswell’s, Chris McMahon
  10. Char Crust, Susan Eriksen
  11. Chocoveda, Julia Lungin
  12. CulinaryMuse.com, Karletta Moniz
  13. Culinary Papers, Scott Mille
  14. Eat More Heat, James Beck
  15. Elaine’s Toffee, Janet A. Long
  16. Fall River Wild Rice, Hiram Oilar
  17. Feed the Hungry, David Flowers
  18. Jer’s Chocolates, Jerry Swain
  19. Larry Chiang
  20. Little Cow Cookies, Rae Stacks
  21. Lotus Foods, Caryl Levine
  22. Mediterranean Snacks, Vincent James
  23. Meyenberg, Tracy Darrimon
  24. Mrs. Renfro’s, Dan Fore
  25. Nature’s Indulgence, Rebbi Burdett
  26. Olivia’s Croutons, Francie Caccavo
  27. Original Juan, Greg Dennis
  28. Pamela’s, Stephanie Robbins
  29. Plocky’s, Paul Cipolla
  30. Pollen Ranch, Rebb Firman
  31. Republic of Tea, Kristina Richens
  32. Sables Gourmet Cookie Dough, Barbara Hazen
  33. Salsa Buena, Leah Aguayo
  34. Savor California, Jane St. Claire
  35. Silence Tea, Ross Darroodi
  36. Simply Boulder, Seth Mendelsohn
  37. Slow Cow, Keith Whitlock
  38. Smoked Olive, Brenda Chatelain
  39. Spice Hunter, Heidi Ripplinger
  40. Tanka Bar, Mark A. Tilsen
  41. Thatsanice!, Anthony Marciona and Joseph Lobue
  42. Valor Chocolates, Gonzalo Sanchez
  43. Vibrant Flavors, Donna Dockins
  44. Waffle Lady, Jeanne Scott
  45. Wine Soiree, Andrew Lazorchak

Featured Video Descriptions

  1. Charcuterie– The best charcuterie from all around the world featuring Framani Handcrafted Salumi, Fabrique Delices, Colombo Importing & Trois Petits Cochons.
  2. ChocolatesThe delicious chocolates of the NASFT’s 35th Winter Fancy Food Show. Featuring Fairytale Brownies, John Kelly Chocolates, TCHO Chocolate, and Xan Confections.
  3. Cold Beverages– A selection of some of the cold beverages found at NASFT’s 35th Winter Fancy Food Show. Featuring beverages from Activate, the Brewer’s Association, Dream Foods International, and Fizzy Lizzy.
  4. Feed the Hungry Donation VideoWhen NASFT’s 35th Winter Fancy Food Show ended, Feed The Hungry came in and collected donations from all the exhibitors. In total, over 130,000lbs were donated.
  5. Hot BeveragesHot Beverages from NASFT’s 35th Winter Fancy Food Show. Featuring products from Adagio Teas, Choice Organic Teas, Peerless Coffee and Tea, and Tom and Sally’s Handmade Chocolates.
  6. International Exhibitors– Many of the different countries and international vendors exhibiting at NASFT’s 35th Winter Fancy Food Show. Featuring Fabio Imports from Italy, Mrs. Palmer’s Pantry from Canada, and Isigny Ste Mere and Chevaliers D’Argouges, both from France.
  7. New Products– Some of the new products being introduced and exhibited at NASFT’s 35th Winter Fancy Food Show. Featuring products from Crazy Uncle Jester’s, Cugino’s, Hotlips Soda and Kenny’s Candy Company.
  8. Non-Chocolate CandiesNon-chocolate candy at the 2010 Winter Fancy Food Show including Hammond’s Candies, Sahagian & Associates, Kenny’s Candy Company, & Linda’s Lollies.
  9. Organics and Natural Foods– A sampling of the many tasty organic and natural products at this years Winter Fancy Food Show. Featuring Amy E’s Bakery, Caffe Ibis, Coffaro’s Baking Company, and Pearl River Pastry
  10. People of the Show– Video of attendees, buyers and exhibitors at NASFT’s 35th Winter Fancy Food Show.
  11. Snacks– Snack foods at NASFT’s 35th Winter Fancy Food Show. Featuring snacks from Deep River Snacks, KIND Healthy Snacks, Popcornopolis, and KIND Healthy Snacks.
  12. Sofi Winners– A video highlighting just a few of the many Sofi Winners exhibiting at NASFT’s 35th Winter Fancy Food Show. Featuring Anette’s Chocolates, The Ginger People, Nutorious Nut Confections, and Oregon Growers and Shippers.
  13. Trends– A few products from the show that fit into the trends at NASFT’s 35th Winter Fancy Food Show. Featuring products from Aliseo, Bissinger’s, Black Garlic, Kitchen Naturals, Savory Creations and Shakespeare’s Gourmet Chocolate.

Other Coverage:

  1. FoodChannel Food Channel coverage expanded throughout the week at the 2010 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. They have multiple articles and video interviews!
  2. Feed the Hungry NASFT members donated 130,000 lbs of donated food for the Feed the Hungry local and international efforts after the 2010 Winter Fancy Food Show. Click here to watch an exclusive video.

We hope you enjoyed the coverage of the 2010 Winter Fancy Food Show, including some of our featured product and company segments.  We look forward to seeing you at the 2010 Summer Fancy Food Show for live coverage at the Social Media Lounge and product features on the show floors!

The 55th Summer Fancy Food Show: Complete

July 1, 2009

Tuesday marked the end of the 55th Summer Fancy Food Show.  Numbers are still coming in, however it is safe to say that this was a record-breaking year on many fronts.

By the numbers, NASFT welcomed…

  • more than 24,000 attendees
  • over 1,000 members of the press
  • and a record breaking 550 sofi judges

In addition, the Fancy Food Show received major news coverage, including TODAY Show, Good Morning America, The Early Show, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, AOL Food, Oprah Magazine, and many others.

Post-Show coverage on our YouTube Channel will continue, be sure to check it out!

To all that attended and exhibited, a heartfelt “THANKS!” for making 2009 a year to remember!

We’re Bringing the Show to You!

June 23, 2009

Can’t make it to the Fancy Food Show? Want to follow what people are saying about the Show while you are there? Social media to the rescue!

This year, NASFT has all of the channels covered. From Twitter to YouTube, and UStream to LinkedIn and Facebook, you can follow all of the show happenings online. More importantly, you can contribute to the conversation around the show and share what you have learned through these channels with others.

Here’s some helpful hints to be part of our conversation:

  • On Twitter search for the hashtag #NASFT to find out what people are saying about the show.
  • Join one of the discussions on the NASFT and Fancy Food Shows LinkedIn groups regarding the show and industry.
  • Attend the Fancy Food Show Tweetup and discuss the show face-to-face. You can see details to the Tweetup here.