The Final Day Of The Food Show…Records Are Broken And Lives Are Touched

Tuesday, June 29th 2010 was the final day of the Summer Fancy Food Show at the Javits Center. And amid a back drop of World Cup matches that played on every television imaginable, the real focus of the day was on our exhibitors making great connections with foodservice retailers and buyers…and this year there was that in abundance.

In fact, today we learned that the Fancy Food Show had:

* a 25% increase in tickets sold to sofi Awards Ceremony

* a 17% increase in attendance to education seminars, over 20 sessions presented

* over 2,000 meetings held including Business Builders 1-to-1 and Private Interview Sessions

* the highest number of registrations to Show to date

We also learned late in the day that the floor space for next year in Washington DC has sold at a rate we simply were not expecting and that exhibitors really need to make plans NOW for that show based on the floor space that sold throughout the show.

In addition to so many exhibitors featuring celebrity chefs, and with over 1300 media personnel in attendance, the excitement on the floor was constant. And it showed as we walked from booth to booth hearing from so many of our excited members:

“I think this show has been amazing. We weren’t sure how we would be received…but the response has been overwhelming. We’ve literally gotten TONS of retailer and buyer interest. We are… definitely going to Washington DC next year. We are totally thrilled.”

Debbie Marks
Sexy Gourmet Food

But it was what happened as the show wrapped at 4pm that also left such lasting memories.

At that time, 250 volunteers and 50 staff members from City Harvest flowed into the Javits to collect the excess food from our exhibitors that they would then turn around and deliver to the needy throughout New York.

It was expected that 150,000 pounds of perishable (which went out immediately) and non perishable food was collected, loaded into colorful large boxes by the excited volunteers and then loaded out.

It was, to be honest, a touching moment and perhaps the most fitting way for us to thank New York for hosting this show.

All of us at the NASFT are so very proud of the way the 2010 Summer Fancy Food Show came to be and the impact it has had on so many.

And we surely hope to see everyone again in Washington in 2011.


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