The Summer Fancy Food Show is here!

What a great kick off to NASFT’s Summer Fancy Food Show! Today was a spectacular day on the west side of Manhattan. And besides the tragic loss by the US TEAM, we saw some great things on all three levels all day long.

While the Show didn’t open today there was tons going on! It all started at 8am with the largest ever Business Builders 1 to 1 program…NASFT’s version of speed dating that pairs great food innovators with distributors and retailers. Ten pure minutes of one-on-one that has the opportunity to to change lives in one meeting. (Yes, we’re that proud of it…and always will be.) We hit record breaking numbers with this program…1,500 sessions in one day! We love it and so do our participants…it is not often that tons of business happens before a show even opens!

Follow that with 6 educational seminars all about marketing, finance pricing of products and success, and you can see why each was really well attended.

Oh, and did anyone attend Space Draw for next years Fancy Food Show? All hands were on deck booking exhibit space for next year’s show that is moving to the nations capital next year. If by some chance you missed Space Draw yesterday, and are thinking about booking space you can stop by our sales office on Level 1.

The booths on every level have come to life and when you see them, you will see that this is no ordinary show. Not even for the Javits. Nothing we do is ordinary.

Hopefully, you’re following @NASFT and @FANCYFOODSHOW on Twitter (where we are posting every nuance that happens) and we KNOW that you’re with us on Facebook, aren’t you???

And then there was the President’s Reception late in the afternoon where first time exhibitors could mingle with veteran exhibitors and nasft staff  in a relaxing , fun environment.

Net net…we’re thrilled that tomorrow is now just hours away.

And we want to see everyone Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

There is so much business we want to help you create…that’s our pure passion.

More tomorrow. Much more!


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