What can a sofi award do for you?

A  sofi Award  is an instant seal of quality  for your product and company. The name says it  all: “sofi” stands for Specialty Outstanding Food  Innovation.

The  competition is stiff, and the rewards are huge. Here are just some of  the benefits that  come with a Silver  Finalist or Gold Winner  honor:

Increase Sales
“In 2007 we won for Phat Beets. What’s our number one seller now? Phat Beets.”
– Rick Field, Rick’s Picks, 2007 Winner, 2009 Finalist

“In simple business terms the Artichoke Asiago dip which won the SOFI instantly became the best seller in that category of our products. It became one of our best new selling products in 2009.
Mike Tott, Gourmet du Village, 2009 Finalist

“Winning a sofi resulted in significant market growth. We gained visibility, prestige and therefore higher sales.  We got new accounts; new buyers and plenty of media attention.”
Stefania Rigo, Aliseo Foods, 2009 Winner

Spark Growth
“We sold more Truffle Tremor in November and December than ever before and in fact, increased sales over the same time in 2008 by 42%.”
– Bob McCall, Cypress Grove Chevre, 2009 Winner

“As a small business owner, you toil away and hope consumers and the trade like your product. The sofi gave us that affirmation.
– Carrie Liebhauser, Nutorious, 2009 Finalist

“When we won the sofi gold for our hot chocolate, we sold a lot of hot chocolate.” – Bill Levine, Sarabeth’s Kitchen, 2008 Winner, 2009 Winner

Build Business
“We are getting national distribution in Whole Foods Market that will start in May”
Jeremy Isenberg, Chex Finer Foods

Give You a Seal of Approval
“We gained visibility, prestige and therefore higher sales.”
– Stefania Rigo, Aliseo Foods, 2009 Winner

“The sofi awards are truly the gold standard for our industry.”
-Robert Kopf, TCHO, 2009 Finalist

“Being a sofi gold winner has given us an edge along with an instant talking point that ANYONE is the food industry recognizes as being an extremely high honor.”
Raven, Magnolia Honey, 2009 Finalist

Put You on the Map
“Being a finalist in our first year in the specialty channel gave TCHO instant credibility in a very crowded and competitive market segment.”
– Rob Kopf, TCHO, 2009 Finalist

“The awards are great for us – winning the Product line award in 2008 really helped our promotions and got new avenues to recognize us.”
Allison Wolf, Vermont Creamery, 2009 Finalist

“The recognition was outstanding. It was truly an honor to be recognized as having the best product and winning the gold in a category. It helped to put us on the map!”
Jeff Gartska, Appledore Cove, 2009 Winner

Increase Distribution
“We’ve been contacted by retailers all over the country who are interested in our products.”
– Jeff Garstka, Appledore Cove, 2009 Winner

Garner Worldwide Media Coverage
“The sofi Award was huge for our small company. We received international attention from Oprah, as part
of the O List in the coveted December issue.”
– Lisa Sorensen, Sister’s Gourmet, 2009 Finalist

“Winning a sofi was clearly instrumental for us in getting some great exposure and coverage and lending credibility from receiving such a distinguished food industry honor.”
Stefania Rigo, Aliseo Foods, 2009 Winner

Inspires Product Innovation and Development
“Every product I develop, I always have a sofi in the back of my mind.”
– Pam Kraemer, Dulcet Cuisine, 2009 Finalist

“The sofi award helped to validate our effort and passion in creating the rosemary crispbread, and further inspired us to work even harder to create additional award-winning products now and in the future.”
Craig Lieberman, 34 Degrees, 2009 Finalist

Expose You to New Markets
“Being a finalist catapulted our Mom’s Pasta Sauce into the national spotlight.
– Jonathan Pehl, Fischer & Weiser Specialty Foods, 2009 Finalist

“We’ve had a cascading situation where one retailer will purchase our product, a buyer from another store buys a box from them and then they decide to carry us as well.”
Mary Tuttle, Mari’s NY, 2009 Finalist

“I will definitely be entering products in this year’s award competition. This is a wonderful way to bring attention to new companies.”
Nancy Wekselbaum, The Gracious Gourmet, 2009 Finalist

Win New Accounts
“Some buyers go through the list of winners and finalists and call them all. We got new accounts because of this.”
– Carl Jorgensen, Purely Organic, 2009 Finalist

Increase Exposure at the Fancy Food Shows
“At the shows when you walk around, you notice that anyone who has won a sofi has their awards out. Some buyers specifically seek out products that have been recognized.”
– Shari Tate, Silver Moon Desserts, 2009 Finalist

“Retailers and media alike deliberately sought out our booth at the Fancy Food show based on our sofi Gold win.”
Heather Chu, Dufflet Small Indulgences, 2009 Finalist

For more information about this year’s sofi  contest and entry forms, click here.
Please note: You must be a member of the NASFT to enter the sofi contest andnd your 2010 dues must by paid.


One Response to What can a sofi award do for you?

  1. Linda Gorin says:

    I admire all the companies that become one of The Best Of The Best in their category! I know many of them and the hard work and dedication to quality it takes to attain that level.It is so good to see the rewards they get when they win! We are having top San Diego CEO’s each taste a different Sofi Finalist product and comment on it. It has been very fun and interesting. We even found an executive dog to sample the Pup-Pie, a Sofi Finalist for a dog product.

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