NASFT Members! Who is your favorite retailer?

Since 2001, the NASFT, in association with Specialty Food Magazine, has celebrated and highlighted the annual Outstanding Retailers Awards. Honorably nominated and selected by NASFT members only, the Outstanding Retailer Award puts a stamp of quality on your functionality as a purveyor of outstanding service and value to local customers who care about high-quality, specialty food products.

How does the winner get chosen?
Out of hundreds of nominations, only five of the most Outstanding Retailers from around the nation will be chosen to represent and reign as one of the leading purveyors of specialty food and interest among NASFT member companies. Making the front page of Specialty Food Magazine’s June issue, each winner will be pictured and featured in the edition with a history, development and success of their retail endeavors throughout the years.

What does it take to win?
Great sourcing, premium services and true culinary passion can deliver to an Outstanding Retailer. Expressing true taste and belief in the products you sell gives other vendors a willingness to come back and do business. To read about former Outstanding Retailer winners, click here.

When are nominations due?
Nominations can only be submitted by NASFT Members and are due by March 10, 2010. Click Here for a Nomination Form.


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