January Trend Game Winner Announced!

Congratulations Laura!

Everyone! Please come and join us to congratulate one of our January Food Trend Game winner, Laura Stec, from Portola Valley, CA! Yeah!

Laura will be at the Winter Fancy Food Show taking place this Sunday, but do read on! We hope you enjoy this exclusive interview and get to know her even before the Show!

Q:   So Laura, we heard you own your own business, can you tell us about it?
Yes, I own a business called Green Cuisine. We offer “high-vibe” food production and promotion services, connecting local foods, family farms and artisan producers to you, the consumers! I am a personal chef, Culinary Health Educator and Green Cuisine Trend and Distribution Expert. Check out my website at www.laurastec.com.

Q:    What professional food related publications, blogs, etc. do you read regularly?
I read Sunset, Martha Stewart Living and the newsletter produced by the San Francisco Professional Food Society. I also take pleasure writing for the Sierra Club Climate Crossroads Food Blog.

Q:    When you dine out, do you like to try out different types of restaurants and cuisines?
Living in the San Francisco Bay area – it is a culinary sin (!) to go to the same restaurant all the time. I visit all kinds of places, the trendy and established ones in particular.

Q:   What is your favorite type of food? Or Favorite meal/dish?
Contemporary nutritional, “high-vibe” organic cuisine. My favorite food is actually a fresh, high-vibe salad!

Q:    What about a favorite cookbook and cooking resource?
I wrote a book in coordination with Dr. Eugene Cordero, called “Cool Cuisine – Taking the Bite Out of Global Warming.” And as for my take on using other resources: everyone has good information! I breeze through numerous sources looking for tidbits of gold, rather then just taking anyone/thing in particular too seriously.

Q:    How many Fancy Food Shows have you participated in the past and do you have any tips to offer for attending/walking the show?
This will be my fourth show. It is absolutely essential to keep sweet and savory foods separate – don’t eat them at the same time!  I do a “savory trip” first, followed by a break of coffee, wine and a short walk. Then I come back and do a “sweet trip” around the show. If you can find the Underberg Natural Herbal Digestive Bitters booth at the show – make sure to drink down one of those in between savory and sweet courses!

Q:    What are you most excited about for the upcoming Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco?
I am interested in seeing any new “green cuisine” developments from the exhibiting businesses and the NASFT in general.

Thanks for the advice Laura and sharing with us your passion and interests. Congratulations again!

The 2010 Winter Fancy Food Show is coming up soon. Hurry, there’s still time to register and play the Trend Game at the Show. See you all in San Francisco!


One Response to January Trend Game Winner Announced!

  1. Findood says:

    Green Cuisine sounds awesome! Look forward to seeing you at the Fancy Food Show this weekend!

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