We’re A Tweet with Twitter!

Are you a Tweeter? If you have not caught the Twitter bug yet, you might after your visit to our Social Media Lounge at the Winter Fancy Food Show.

For those of you already in-the-know, we are all a twitter about the Fancy Food Show.  Here are some tips on how to make the most of Twitter before the Show:

  • Tweeting about the Show? Tag each tweet with the hashtag “#nasft” – this will allow people to search tweets related to the show easily.
  • Do a search under Fancy Food Show.  You will find many tweeple talking up the show, their plans for San Francisco and the must visit booths on the floor.
  • Set up your Smartphone with an application to make tweeting on the go easier.  On the iphone, TweetDeck is popular. On The Palm Pre, Tweed is best. And if you do not have access to some of these applications – you can simply text your tweets (check your settings on your Twitter account to set this feature up).
  • Attend the NASFT tweetup to connect face to face with your Twitter friends.

If all of this has your head spinning, stop into our Social Media Lounge, on site at the Winter Fancy Food Show and we will walk you through setting up an account and some Twitter basics to get you on your way!


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