Move Ahead at the Fancy Food Show with our new Social Media Lounge!

In our continuing efforts to help the specialty food industry Move Ahead we are providing a new service at the Fancy Food Show show participants tackle the exciting, powerful and world of Social Media. We are happy to introduce the Social Media Lounge at the Winter Fancy Food Show located in the North Hall Lower Lobby.

The Social Media Lounge will provide our exhibiting members, attendees and Press the tools they need to stay connected to their networks, discover new tools to advance their businesses and expand their overall knowledge of social media.

The Social Media Lounge will feature:

·     Computer kiosks for participants to quickly access their favorite social media sites (such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) to send out updates about their Fancy Food Show experience.

·     Social media experts will be on hand to answer questions, explain social media platforms, help participants access their social media sites through their cell phones and encourage participation.

·     One-page fact sheets will be available on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, with brief descriptions of the tools and tips to get started and enhance the user experience.

•    A special feature of the Fancy Food Show online Trend Game –  providing a preview of what trends are leading in votes and how someone can cast his or her vote to win great prizes. Trend experts will identify the most prevalent trends at the Show and choose the winner of the game who will be named the the Trendiest Person at the Show.

Broadcasting video live to the Internet throughout the show with our own Winter Fancy Food Show LiveStream Channel. Plus we will host our second Fancy Food Show Tweetup Invite, powered by attendees connected through Twitter, on Monday night at the Intercontinental from 5 pm-7 pm.

Please make sure to stop by the Social Media Lounge to learn more about how social media can be an exciting networking and marketing opportunity for you.

It will be open starting Saturday afternoon 1/16 from 1 PM and throughout the show.


2 Responses to Move Ahead at the Fancy Food Show with our new Social Media Lounge!

  1. Social Media is so important to the Marketing Mix today… it would be great to have some examples of NASFT members or Specialty Foods brands that have success stories related to Social Media.

    I presented a seminar at the 2009 Summer Fancy Food Show on Customer Delight, which is the next level beyond Customer Satisfaction. Many companies are using Social Media to Delight their customers today. I was able to find examples of Social Media, either positive or negative for a select number of attendees to the seminar. Many were surprised to say the least.

    AS the world gets “flatter”, mainly to the growth and acceptance of Social Medial, Specialty Foods brands have the ability to differentiate themselves like never before at virtually no cost. The success hurdles are reduced through the appropriate use of Social Media… allowing more innovation in our industry.


  2. Vivian Friess says:


    Thank you for your comment. Being able to utilize social media and maximize its potential are certainly very important to our members and the NASFT as well.

    I like your idea of collecting, presenting, and sharing member success stories and will certainly look into that.

    Thanks again, and I hope to meet you at the upcoming Winter Fancy Food Show – stop by the Social Media Lounge!

    Best wishes and a Happy New Year!

    Vivian Friess
    Marketing Manager

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