Miss the Trendcast?

Did you miss the Trendcast on Thursday?  We have you covered!  You can view the recording, which is running on a continuous loop, on our stream.

Thanks to Kara Nielsen and Ron Tanner for their insights on what’s to come in the food world, particularly what to look for at the Winter Fancy Food Show.   Now that you have some educated opinions, play our trend game!

Products used in the Trendcast:

Green/Eco Awareness Gourme Mist Balsamic Spray
Republica del Cacao Chocolate
Super Fruits Acai Syrup
Artisanal Cheeses Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor Goat Cheese
Vermont Butter and Cheese Assortment
Rogue Creamery Oregon Artisanal Cheese
Cured Meats D’Artagnan meats
Exotic Spice Blends Urban Accents
Nirmala’s Kitchen
Dulcet Cuisine Moroccan Spices
Bacon Flavored Das Foods Bacon Lollipop “Man Bait”
Sir Francis Bacon Peanut Brittle
Vosges Bacon Chocolate
Blood Orange Vergnano Italian Blood Orange Soda
Sarabeth’s Blood Orange Marmalade
Chocolate and Herbs Chuao Chocolatier
New Tree Dark Chocolate with Thyme
Tea Room Chocolate bars with tea – 3 flavors
Coconut Danielle Coconut Chips
Native Kajili Coconut Cooking Sauce

When viewing the playback, please excuse some of the brief delays as we switched between cameras on each coast.


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