How to Make the Most of LinkedIn

As we approach the Winter Fancy Food Show, we will bring you blog entries on use of social media tools and how they can enhance your experience at the Show and your networking with others in our industry.

Are you LinkedIn?  Here are some time tips to make the most of your LinkedIn account, specifically on how to network with other NASFT members:

  • Fill out your profile completely, including past positions, links to your blog and company, and education.
  • Your summary (within your profile) is searchable and a great way for others to learn more about you and your business.  Be sure it is well written and spell check!
  • Update your status. This is a great way to tell people what you are doing… have a new product? Let your network know about it! Though some people change this frequently, it does not need to be. Change it when you have something to say.
  • Review your contacts every month or so. You may find someone to connect or reconnect with as they change positions. Look at your contact’s contacts as well – network through the people you know.
  • Link your blog to your LinkedIn profile – you can drive more traffic and awareness. There are many applications that help you do this.
  • Have a question? Ask it. Want to position yourself as an expert or help another? The “questions” section of LinkedIn is a great way to connect with people and there is a category for just about anything business related you can think of.
  • Don’t want to connect with business contacts on Facebook? LinkedIn provides a professional arena within social media to connect.

Have some other pointers? Let us know!


3 Responses to How to Make the Most of LinkedIn

  1. LinkedIn also provides the user with the ability to create Power Point presentations through This is a great way to highlight your business in a more detailed manner.

    We all use PowerPoint so this is a great way to add some zing to ones LinkedIn profile.

  2. […] course,  using other social networking tools like LinkedIn and Twitter is a great way to connect with business associates as […]

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