Professionals Only…

There is always some discussion in the food world about the Fancy Food Show and who attends.  The Fancy Food Shows are for food industry professionals and buyers only.

Like other industry only events (CES, Outdoor Retailer, PRSA, etc {hyper link all}), the show is for industry professionals.  Are you one?

  • Specialty Food Manufacturers
  • Specialty Food Importers
  • Specialty Food Distributors
  • Specialty Food Brokers
  • Accessory Suppliers
  • Publications
  • Trade Organizations
  • Local and State Agencies
  • Foreign Manufacturers
  • Consultants
  • Specialty Food Store buyers
  • Supermarket buyers
  • Health/Natural Food Store buyers
  • Wine/Liquor Store buyers
  • Caterers
  • Bakeries

If this is you, don’t delay! Register now!

Not to worry if you are not part of the industry – we have a place just for food enthusiasts, no matter your title.  Join us on our consumer focused site foodspring.


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