The Blogosphere Gets Fancy!

Imagine being at the first Fancy Food Show 55 years ago. You walk up to a booth, sample the food and love it. You mention to the person who handed you your sample that it was great and you want to take a picture and post a review on your blog. He looks at you as though you have three heads. “A Blog? What’s that?” he says with suspicion. Now fast forward to the 55th Summer Fancy Food Show. The same scenario happens and he simply smiles, says go ahead and is glad that you loved his product. And will tell all of your friends.

Blogger’s came out in large numbers for this summer’s Fancy Food Show. These bloggers included food critics who were out to find the best of this year’s show, companies who were attending the show and blogging about their experiences, members of traditional and non traditional media and buyers who came looking to find the next great product that would help their business out. Each of these bloggers wrote about unique aspects of the show and used different forms of media to convey their message. Some bloggers talked about only the kosher food and used pictures to really drive their message home, others looked at only the chocolate products and accompanied their writing with a video, and some bloggers wrote extremely detailed reviews of their top ten finds. The blogosphere is constantly growing, evolving and becoming more common in today’s society, in fact in some cases these bloggers – or citizen journalists, can impact your business more than traditional media.

NASFT takes press credentials very seriously, and only bloggers who have industry related blogs or heavily trafficked food related blogs are granted press privileges.

Here is a sampling of some of the coverage the Fancy Food Show received in the blogosphere:

The New York Times, City Room Blog: At Javits Center, Food Delicacies Dot the Menu
The Martha Stewart Living Radio Blog: What We Discovered at the Fancy Food Show Fancy Food Show Favorites
ReMARKable Palate: Chef Mark’s Quick Bites 10 New & Exotic Foods Coming To NYC’s 2009 Summer Fancy Food Show What’s New In Kosher Foods?
NJSpice: Fancy Food
Fully Fancy Food Show Sofi Awards Gold Winners Announced, A NYC food and culture blog: Fancy Food Show Round Up
An Educated Palate: My Favorite Thing/2009 Fancy Food Show Summer NYC
The Candy’s Store Blog From San Fransisco’s Premier Candy Boutique: NY Fancy Food Show 2009, Food for Thought: Walking the Fancy Food Show Food in Jars at the Fancy Food Show Report from the Trade Show Trenches: Whats this Fancy Food Show All About?
Ready Made, Instuctions for Everyday Life: Fancy Food Show Highlights Best of the 2009 Summer Fancy Food Show Fancy Food Show 2009
Saucytart, Eat Drink Memory: Let Them Eat Fancy Foods
Eat To Blog, It’s All About The Food: Fancy Food Show ‘09 Fancy Food Show Less Fancy at the Fancy Food Show Digesting the Fancy Food Show

If we have missed any, let us know in the comments section – and be sure to provide a link!


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