Fancy Food Footage

You may have seen them at the show. They were holding pen to paper and taking copious notes on what they tasted and what they saw.  They were holding cameras and zooming in on products.  They were interviewing exhibitors and attendees about the best finds at the show.
If you have not guessed, they were the ones with “Press” passes.

We welcomed a record number of press to the 55th Summer Fancy Food Show.  And they all seemed to have amazing backgrounds – from Top Chef to Food Network, to CBS and the New York Times. They came, they tasted, and best of all they reported!

Untitled 0 00 43-02

Ron being interviewed by Bobby Flay for CBS

Here’s a sampling of traditional media coverage of the show:

The New York Times:  In a Cold Economy, Fancy Food Is Hot

The Early Show on CBS – Bobby Flay Takes On Fancy Foods

Epicurious – Best of the 2009 Summer Fancy Food Show

Supermarket News – Specialty Food Products Honored

USA Today – Pop Candy and Specialty-food makers hope to cook up some sweet deals

Pittsburgh Post Gazette – ‘Fancy’ food also can be homey

This is by no means the full list.  In fact, many reporters have yet to file their stories and coverage will continue through the coming months.  We’ll be sure to keep you posted!

In an upcoming post we will highlight all blogs that covered the Show.


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